Eskia Printing

At Eskia Printing we are capable of both Vinyl and DTF prints onto fabrics, be they shirts, hi-vis jackets, or hoodies. We work on a request basis, so if you wish to place an order please contact us here. For estimated prices please visit our products page.

What is DTF Printing?

DTF Printing, or Direct-To-Film printing involves taking a design of as many or as few colours as you want and printing it onto a special kind of paper. While this ink of the printed design is still wet it has a special powder adhesive applied to it. Once it is dry the design is then placed into a heat press, where the heat and pressure causes the design to stick to whatever fabric is underneath it.

We offer both clothing with your designs pressed to them by us, or just the special paper with your design printed on for those with heat presses at home.

What is Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl printing has us use a vinyl cutter to lightly cut a given design into a sheet of vinyl, allowing us to remove the vinyl that is not part of the design, while keeping the vinyl that is on the sheet, this process is called weeding. Once weeding has been completed the vinyl sheet is then placed on top of the clothes and heat pressed, much like in DTF printing.

As with DTF printing we are able to offer both clothing with the vinyl designs pre-pressed by us, or just the vinyl sheets with the designs etched, ready for pressing at home.